Interview of Grigori Grabovoi to Michael Vogt on 05/30/2017



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The device PRK-1U

 The device of development of concentrations PRK-1U

  Everyone knows that the thought is material. With the help of thinking, by structuring your consciousness, you can change your events for the better, you can restore your health, you can help others, and so on. But if consciousness and the spirit are not structured sufficiently to ensure that the thoughts have quickly come true, it turns out, that it is possible to develop them to the desired level. For this, Russian scientist Grigori Grabovoi developed a unique device for development of concentrations PRK-1U. It is possible to develop your spirit and your consciousness with the help of this device. And this means health and favorable life events, and not only for yourself, but for other people as well. It is also possible, using the PRK-1U, to develop controlling clairvoyance and the controlling forecasting. But most importantly, what the device was created for, is to ensure eternal life for you and all, therefore, it develops a lot of opportunities of the individual.
  Information about the device development of concentrations PRK-1U.
Video presentation of device of Grigori Grabovoi PRK-1U and interview T.Ratiner, I. Romanko.
About the device of development of concentrations PRK 1U(Video presentation)
  The video testimonials of testing of the device with systematically good results, achieved without exception and recorded in the testimonials of 128 participants of the testing: