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Where did Atlantis disappear?

                                 Dear readers!
   The proposed material "Where did Atlantis disappear" was published 19 years ago at the turn of the Millennium, when it was probably possible and necessary to cover the layers of information hidden by time and space. Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi has a unique ability to reveal the content of the events of the past years, and this is proved by acts, protocols, evidence in his book "Practice of control. The way of salvation", at the same time, as it turned out, it does not matter for him how much time has passed – one year, a thousand years or millions.
   Publishing and distributing this material, we want to draw the reader's attention to such moments, which are clearly highlighted in the responses of Grigori Grabovoi. The fact is that Alexander Kapkov's article is not only an interview with Grigori Grabovoi, but also a short review of legends, versions, theories on the proposed topic, which can be found in a large number of scientific articles, even in the cinema.
   The information that Grigori Grabovoi shows is not an assumption or a hypothesis about what happened to Atlantis, it is an accurate knowledge of the fact how it happened millions of years ago. This information carries the knowledge of time and space, including the principles of development of civilizations on the planet Earth. The short phrase "The canon of the body has remained the same since then" speaks of the immutability of the human image both in the past and in the future.
   "My clairvoyance, – says Grigori Grabovoi is the technology of Consciousness", that’s why in his Teaching a variety of technologies and practices of the development of controlling clairvoyance are included, to solve the problem of immortality on the planet now, because it was already settled on Earth millions of years ago. So, we see that with his clairvoyance Grigori Grabovoi looks into the history of the Earth as into an open book, showing us the incredible possibilities of the development of our Consciousness, for example, telling briefly about Atlantis, that is, about the past, and showing the appearance in the future of integrated optics, "when we grow up with the mind and heart."

Antonina Kravtsova, March 2019

  Newspaper "Your home consultant", № 6 (50) March 2000, Article "Where did Atlantis disappear?"
   "Once Archimedes said that if he finds a fulcrum, he will turn the world upside down! Academician of Russian Academy Of Natural Sciences Grigori Grabovoi claims that with the help of control of light streams it is possible to make such a “light lever” and almost instantly move any huge bodies into space and even teleport entire planets. However, so far only the experiments of CERN physicists have become a confirmation of this possibility: they have learned to instantly move elementary particles from place to place. Though it is less clearly than to set fire to the straw by means of a magnifying glass, but fundamentally teleportation is proved.                                                                                                                                 Meanwhile, according to Grabovoi, such, but more perfect equipment was already used in the history of the Earth. The legend of the lost Atlantis can be interpreted as follows: unknown to us civilization with the help of a powerful beam, compacted space and time, was able to transport the whole continent to another space of Cosmos. Just the wreckage of unknown land remained, which gave then the beginning of modern geography. How scientifically is that?

  Actually, according to ancient legends, Atlantis sank. This is referred to by all who have read the legendary work of Plato - "Timaeus". And for good reason, apparently, I was "lucky" to find recently on the book ruins a weighty book, where some bioenergetics reconstructed the appearance of Atlantean. They depicted him as a man of the water element, something like ichthyander, though without gills, but with quite noticeable atavisms – valves for ears and eyes. A funny giant with gray skin is drawn meditating - he is sitting in a Lotus position with a liquid beard like the Chinese have and holds his hands with duck webs in front of him – again, apparently, in order to swim faster on the seas.

   Of course, nothing new can be learned from pseudoscientific nonsense. Meanwhile, turning to paleogeology, in the history of the Earth it is impossible not to notice still inexplicable paradoxes. For example, geophysicists have noted the curious fluctuations in the radius of our planet. A few billion years ago it was half the size of the present one – the planet was denser. And for a long time the radius increased almost at a constant speed. Then, in the last 300-400 million, the earth's swelling decreased. The density of its layers-crust, core, mantle-has stabilized. But according to all calculations, the radius of the planet had to be greater than the current one by several kilometers. However, as shown by the same calculations, 10-15 million years ago there was an inexplicable cataclysm. By the time the Geophysics, carry the traces of so-called astroblems – powerful collisions with giant asteroids, more than one hundred km craters, which we can observe from satellites. They are counted more than a hundred. The mass of the Earth from it would have to increase. In fact, the planet since that time, on the contrary, decreased. The whole continent disappeared from the Earth!
   According to the academician Grabovoi, there was Atlantis among the earth's losses. How did it disappear?

   Before giving the floor to the academician, I want to refer to a similar space version of the noosphere development of the Earth, given by doctor of technical Sciences G. Pokrovsky. Applying methods of statistical thermodynamics for the planet, he likened its development to a boiling layer of life. ” Each piece of organized matter according to this point of view can be likened to a evaporating particle", - wrote Pokrovsky. Particles of the noosphere bounce higher and higher and eventually go into near-earth space and further deeper into Space. With such an infinite process, the whole mass of the Earth must evaporate in an organized manner. "Then man will leave his cradle and settle elsewhere in the Galaxy."

– But in the legendary ”Timaeus” of Plato, the time of the existence of Atlantis is measured only for 10 thousand years ago-I involuntarily pay attention to the inconsistencies in the chronology. – You claim that it happened in the range of 10 to 15 million years ago. Paleogeology confirms that at this time the Earth experienced some cosmic cataclysm. Is it really so long ago associated with Atlantis?
   - This is what the data of science say. The period of the appearance of man, even according to archaeological finds increasingly lengthened. First they believed that the human race homo is thousands of years. Recent finds have pushed back the timing on the first million, and now already five million years ago. But it's not the main point – the flow of time can not be viewed as a linear process. After all, the beam of light, passing in the vast galactic spaces, according to Einstein's theory, is curved, and according to the latest scientific data – compacted and closed.

   - So, those astrophysicists are right, who say that the stars, passing the galactic path around the center of the Universe, draw a kind of petals and flowers? No wonder, apparently, the mystic Daniel Andreev, describing the cosmic history of the Earth, called it the Rose of the world.
- Indeed, the space periods, separated by millions of years, touch like rose petals. And those events that have passed 10 and 15 million years, seem to be separated from us for some millennia. This is the property of time in space, if you look at it not as a linear, but as an integral quantity,

   – Nicely. But let’s return back to Atlantis. It means the boiling of the noosphere has reached the point that aerospace and other technology beyond current scientific understanding became available to them. And then you can imagine such a version. The solar system, completing the next galactic year (orbit around the center of the galaxy approximately 174 million earth years), was in the asteroid belt. The earth could have died. The Atlanteans were forced to look for means of protection.

   Comparisons are generally correct. But I must say that the civilization of the Atlanteans was built on very different principles – technical, humanitarian, and physical. Atlanteans had such means of control global dangers that they could get at Mars by the optical beam. Optical systems were used for the reproduction of matter, the initiation of certain chemical processes, for completely different propellers and systems. But these tools were quite problematic for the planet: some of their applications if they could not split it, then move the continents, if the beam gave the reflection from an infinitely distant point in space. And the noospheric separation from the cradle – the Earth really was.
   They implemented output into the Galaxy twice. 15 million years ago there was the first attempt. But the space crystal, which stood at 800 thousand kilometers and gave radiation for 10 thousand light years, for the first time did not work. Sirius, according to which there was verified folding was below the estimated parameter, and Atlanta came back. And for the second time the operation was repeated 10 million years ago. Then they had already moved to another sphere of space, but the second attempt revealed a potential threat: their means of control found that the collapse of space was near the planet itself, the vibration of time began, fraught with the Earth as a cosmic body. Then from Atlantis-a continent with the size of Australia- large pieces of land broke off.

    - How did the salvation of the remaining Atlanteans take place? Tell please a few words about their science, which allowed to survive after the cataclysm? And in general, what appearance did they have?..
   - The canon of the body has remained the same ever since. But the scenarios of history, science, technology – in General, of culture were different. Atlantis was a civilization of autocracy, justified in terms of governance. However, even then, according to the Greek type, they began to develop a system of city-policies that predetermined the earth's cataclysm. But this does not diminish the merits of a bygone civilization. People in their development achieved then a synthesis of thinking. With this, the problem of immortality was solved. They have overcome what we call reincarnation. And the technique itself was based on the possibilities of consciousness, on the ability to master space-time, matter and completely different possibilities of chemistry and physics. Although among the vehicles there were also the engines, which today we would call hydrogen. Special installations activated the water so that it was possible to stand on it and not sink. With their help people could move at a speed of up to four sounds. From the outside it seemed an instant flight over great distances. That's how the remaining Atlanteans settled after the cataclysm…

   – But how do you manage to see these pictures in such a distant past? In scientific periodicals just one witty project of English popularizer D. Jones is known. D. Jones suggested to remove the information from ancient objects as well as the pickup takes the sound from phonograph records. Simply put, a singing ancient Greek artisan, spinning a Potter's wheel, could unwittingly record his song on the pitcher he created. This assumption was supported by the physicist R. Woodbridge and even gave examples of successful reading of music and words from the paint strokes left by the brush of the ancient sculptor in the portrait.

   - My clairvoyance is a technology of consciousness. In my scientific work ”Applied structures of creating field of information " I gave the mathematics of the process. And if time is transformed into a form, for example, into a cube, then information can be received and transmitted without loss both from the past and from the future. This method is environmentally safe, does not worsen the structure of the space. For the same purpose it is possible to use devices – so-called concentrators of forms. Their optics allows to open any information archive of time. Similar devices have already been tested in the Ministry of emergency situations for earthquake prediction, thought transfer and remote control of computers, etc.
   – What other discoveries have been made in the process of this work?
   - Physical time opens completely new sides. It is determined that the events with a length of more than a million years take an integral form, and are packed, as if stored in a computer. The usual time is "recorded" not only on Earth, but also on the macro-surface of the Galaxy. At the points of contact of the spheres at one point, you can find several events superimposed on one another. But in the cosmic course of the clock there are its own rules. We can no longer simply extract the second world war from millions of years, for example. Here the history really changes: in Space laws there are only conditions of creation, improvement, improvement of times, if you want. And the history of Atlantis, despite all the drama of its existence, proves that great minds, having reached the noosphere knowledge, build space-time, the Earth themselves. However, our linear optics can not yet detect them in the vastness of Space. With the advent of integrated optics, when we grow up with the mind and heart, we will see other forms of life anywhere and at any galactic distances…"

Alexander KAPKOV, especially for " VDC”
Newspaper "Your home consultant", № 6 (50) March 2000,

Translated into English by Elena Dagunts